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Gain The Trust Of Parents With These Features Of School Management Software

What is more achievable for a school to attract the bulk admission of students. The ‘School Management Software’ brings you a lot many features which will certainly ease your work and save a lot of time & manual work. It will create a transparent curtain between parents & School authorities. Parents can, anytime, catch sight of their children performance in school. In today’s era where everything and everyone is finding their place on Digital Platform, An Education institution should not lag behind.

Ease in Attendance:

With the features of  School Management Software, You can mark the attendance online and simultaneously it will send the SMS to the parents about their child being absent. Now the students will definitely have a second thought about bunking the school. Also, the load of carrying & maintaining attendance registers will be eliminated.

Effective Communication:

School Management Software comes up with various features through which the teachers, parents &  administration can stay connected to each other. It will entitle you to send bulk SMS about the school activities to the Parents. Every piece of information can be communicated between these entities without any hassle.

Transportation Track:

The most important priority these days is to make sure that the students are traveling safe to their homes. With the features of School Management Software, You can track the school transport anytime and keep updates of student’s route change history. It will lessen the tension of parents about their child security.

FlipScool- The Best School Management Software In India

Better Exam Management:

One of the most important features of School Management Software is to manage the Examinations. There are  a number of examination in an academic year. School Management Software will ease your task as it facilitates you to prepare Question papers, Guess paper, Practice sheets online.  Also, there will be no concern about preparing manual scorecards. School management software will help you generate the Scorecard of the Students online. Through this, Parents can evaluate their child’s performance anytime.

Easy Fee Payment:

School Management Software will make the process of Fee Submission a lot easier. It will let the parents make the fee payment online. For them, online payment will be a more convenient method. With the help of an online payment system, people can make payment from any place at any time. Also, there will be no late fees issues as this feature of  School management software will send an SMS update about the fees submission.

Admission Management:

The Best Features Of School Management Software

Avoid keeping a bunch of files when you can store a large amount of data in a system. This feature of School Management Software can help you obtain the data as and when required. It will keep the record from Enrollment to pass out year of each and every student. It will remove the difficulties of human error and duplication of data.

Homework Management:

With this module of School Management Software, homework assignments, notes & project work detail is easily available to students on daily basis. In case the students wish to refer to the old assignments or notes, the documents shall be available in archives.

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Staff Management:

School Management Software will help you to effectively manage organization workers. It makes the staff attendance process easy. At the month end, it will automatically calculate the amount of salary to be credited to the staff’s account based on their attendance. With a single click, you can pay the salary directly in their bank account.

Parent Access:

It will be very difficult for parents to regularly visit the school to stay connected to their child’s academic performance, in their busy schedule.This feature of School Management Software will help them to evaluate the performance of their child anytime through the parent portal. It will provide up-to-date information about attendance, assignments, and projects.

Why FlipScool?

An ordinary school management software is something which needs to be installed in the system and in order to access it you have to be at your desk. With Flipscool-The Best Online School Management Software In India, you can access the data anytime, anywhere at any device with an internet connection. Flipscool comes up with the best features of School Management Software.

A single fruit with a number of nutrients. It’s a complete solution in itself. It offers a wide range of features which are equally beneficial for both parents and the school administration. It will reduce manual paperwork, human errors and obviously save a lot of time. It will build an effective communication between parents and teachers.

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