What is the Importance of Education?

“Education is an ornament in prosperity and a refuge in adversity.” Education is not only for the purpose for holding degrees and getting better packages, but also for an individual to evolve and come up with a broader and better mind-set.

It is a very important aspect in one’s life as being educated is necessary for growth, development, generating self-confidence along respect towards ourselves as well as others.
In today’s competitive world, it has been a deciding factor about how a person’s lifestyle will be, how mannered and respectful he will be and what status he holds along with security.

How Important is Education Since the times of School?

Education has been divided into three parts i.e. Primary, Secondary and higher and each of these levels has their own benefits and values, neither of the three can be missed for proper learning.
We are glad because of the modern technologies and facilities which have led to education being such an easy task, it has been so convenient to learn, teach and spread knowledge because of the upgradation like the internet, the distance learning programmes, and smart teaching methods.
As the learning process becomes easy and wide, the importance of education is also rising day by day.
Starting with the primary education, which is schooling is very important for children because it lets the child learn the basic knowledge, manners and about his/her basic fundamental rights and duties since childhood. School also teaches children to share, learn, make friendships and the importance of education.

Right said, “One can never be overeducated.”

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Reasons Why Education is Important:

Education has no limit, it will always be less no matter how educated you are.

It is generally said “Develop the passion for learning and you’ll be able to fulfill your purpose in life”
Education is like fertilizer to the plant, the plant can survive without it but cannot grow well.

Similarly, any human can survive without education but for growth and development knowledge is must, this is where we learn the importance of education.
Education is actually the only investment without gamble and something which has a justified and significant return.

Moreover, investment not only in terms of an individual but even for society as well, as it creates a future society which is wise, educated, healthy and wealthy in all aspects.

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Education is not something which has to be considered as teaching, but Learning and learning have no limits or boundaries like age, gender, caste, or religion. Knowledge can be acquired by anyone and from anyone, which is a great deal.

Basically, an educated person has the capability to earn his bread and butter, which is necessary to survive, but apart from it the importance of education can be listed in other fields too like :

When a person is in a process of educating himself, he/she develops the quality of focusing and concentrating on everything the person is into, which is a very valuable aspect.

2.Style of living.
Not always a person who is financially rich can have a good style of living, but even the one rich in knowledge can have a wonderful lifestyle.

3. Education is creating facilities.
Due to the increasing number of educated people, technologies are even more developing and every day something new is being discovered, which is constantly helping the world to grow and create facilities, entertainment, and awareness.

4. Importance of Education in developing other areas or activities.
For example, if we consider agriculture (which is a major activity in India) it has also been developed because of the increasing information and awareness provided by the government to the farmers, along with the highly mechanized machinery which makes the work easier and fast for the farmers.

5.Well-organized families/low violence rate.

Statistics suggest that people who are educated tend to behave more politely than the ones who are uneducated. In brief, education reduces the rate of crime and violence.

6. Increases tolerance for fellow human beings and their ideas.
When a person is educated he/she becomes more patience, thinks before he acts or speaks, which actually is making this world a peaceful place with lesser violent arguments and leading to more productive discussions.

7.Importance of Education in helping people stand for their rights.
Well- educated people are basically acknowledged with their rights and duties as a citizen. Moreover, the government cannot practice unequal practices based on any kind of diversity because of well-educated voters.
The best development that took place in India within the past few years are in the field of education and learning, which will indeed bring a great boom and growth in Indian society. One can grow, learn to develop and earn with knowledge, so never stop learning.
One can only learn the importance of education by learning, attaining knowledge and by making full use of it one so as to become a better individual and develop more abilities.

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