top 10 school administration ssoftware provideers in india

Top 10 School Administration Software Providers In India

 Are you searching for the best school administration software providers in India? Here we have assembled top school management systems for you.

Usually, School management software facilitates paperless administration in schools. School software has modules which allow a user to maintain an academic history of students, records, etc. Also, it helps the staff, teachers to work in accord.

Besides, it brings many different functions or modules in one system and provides all the relevant data in one place with just a click. The online school management system is also getting more prevalence these days. Web-based school management software is more easy to use at any location, with no sacrifice in functionality.

School Management Software by Flipscool: 

Flipscool- School Administration Software Provider In India.

‘Flipscool- The Best School Administration Software Provider in India’ has been developed to help the teachers, students, parents, and school administrators. Unlike the ordinary school software, Flipscool can be accessed anytime, anywhere at any device whether it is a tablet, mobile phone or laptop. It will save a lot of time and reduce manual work to a great extent. It offers a number of modules which are equally productive for parents and school administration. Flipscool can help you obtain the data of a number of students within seconds. It will keep the entire data from Enrollment to pass out year of every student.

  • Admission Management
  • Easy Fee Payment
  • Homework Management
  • Staff Management
  • Parent Access
  • Transportation Track
  • Ease in Attendance
  • Communication System
  • Inventory Management
  • Email Integration
  • Examination Management
  • Help Desk

School Management Software by HDSchool:

HDSchool- School Administration Software Provider In India.

HDSchool helps you to easily manage the activities of your School, Colleges, Universities, and Training Center. HDSchool gives you a number of features such as:

  • Helps in maintaining student details, employee details, Parent Details.
  • Manage different courses and maintain student batches.
  • Easy fee collection.
  • Ease in managing class timetable, examination, and payroll.
  • Manage the library, student attendance, and admissions.
  • Customization of fee receipts, Exam results, and Student ID cards.
  • SMS and Email Integration.

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Academics – Education Management Software:

Academics- School Administration Software Provider In India

Academics- Education Management Software is very comprehensive software for management of academic institutions like Primary & Secondary School, Degree, Polytechnic, Engineering Institutes, management Institutes, Image of Custom Academics ERP Medical college, Coaching and other Educational Institutes. Academics have a wide range of features-

  • Activities
  • Attendance Management
  • Event Management
  • Fee Management
  • Hostel Management
  • Time Table
  • Admission
  • Email Integration
  • Examination Management
  • Help Desk
  • HR & Payroll
  • SMS

SchoolPro School Management Software:

Schoolpro- School Administration Software Provider In India.

SchoolPro is one of the best school administration software providers in India which is introduced to simplify the complexities in daily school operations.

SchoolPro is flexible and conceives the new trends in education management. SchoolPro is a diverse, demanding, and high-quality educational management system where every user can discover and realize their potential to achieve overall development.

  • Transparency in school operations.
  • Availability of real-time up to date information.
  • Better management of the school academic process.
  • Integrated with Bulk SMS software.
  • High-level security at the application level user level and program level.
  • Almost less training required
  • Time-tested, error-free and proven quality
  • Multiple Campus Management
  • I-Card Printing
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Bar-code based electronic transactions
  • SMS integration

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EduERP- School Administration Software Provider In India.

EduERP is an Institute management solution for Schools and Colleges. EduERP is an education/training system that takes care of administration, infrastructure & logistic system of an educational organization whether it is a School, College, University or Training Institute. Complete ERP based school management system which has modules like Front Desk Management, Student Management System, Campus Management System, and Administration Management

  • Separate modules for every department users
  • Personalized Dashboard for everyone i.e. – Trustees, Principals, Faculties, Admin Users, Students, and Parents.
  • Fees, Data collection, Attendance, Payroll, Leave management etc.
  • Internal Communication System
  • Inquiry to Student enrolment,
  • Transparent and real-time academic management
  • Update on Students and Parents portal

 Vedanta Education ERP:

Vedanta- School Administration Software Provider In India.

Vedanata ERP Solution is one of the best school administration software providers in India. This product offers a comprehensive solution that covers every aspect of the functioning of an Institution – from academic activities to administrative functions – all on a single window platform. Here are some of the features of Vedanta ERP Solution:

  • Front Office Management
  • Academic session Management
  • Finance Management
  • Infrastructure Management
  • HR Management
  • Student Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Examination & Report Card
  • Library Management

FlipScool- The Best School Management Software In India

  MySchool – School Management Software:

Myschool- School Administration Software Provider In India.

MySchool is a simple online administration platform for schools. Their team is made up of academics and techies who are very enthusiastic about creating the best software in the industry. MySchool has helped a wide variety of schools.

  • Information Management
  • Rock Solid Security
  • Admissions & Enrolments
  • Attendance
  • Grade Reports
  • Homework & Assignments
  • Powerful Communication Tools
  • Timetable, Calendar & Resource Management
  • Donation Management & Online Payment

 WinER School Software:

Winer- School Administration Software Provider In India.

WINER is one of the best school administration software providers in India. This school software is designed based on Indian school requirement and is used by CBSE/ICSE/State and matriculation schools across India. For schools, they provide multiple products like the student information system, school management system and school ERP software.

  • Effective Student & Staff Evaluation
  • Seamless Communication
  • Comprehensive fee Management
  • Admissions & Enrolments
  • Attendance
  • Grade Reports
  • Biometric Attendance
  • Bar-code based Electronic Transactions

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Mpiric Web eSchool: 

Webeschool- School Administration Software Provider In India.

Web eSchool software is one of the best school administration software providers in India, which can be used by educational institutes for managing day-to-day activities like admission, attendance, timetable, fees, examination, transportation and many more. With this software, users can manage all the resources of their educational institute effectively & efficiently.

  • Student Management
  • Employee Management
  • Fee Management
  • Time Table Management
  • Library Management
  • Daily Attendance
  • Report Generation
  • Transportation


Qmarksoft- School Administration Software Provider In India.

With Qmarksoft, one of the best school administration software providers in India, schools and other educational institutes can manage all daily processes with much ease and effectiveness. With its exclusive modules, users can manage different activities related to admission inquiry, student performance, fees, employee salary, hostel administration, transport, examination, library, etc.

  • Inquiry Management
  • Student Management
  • Fee Management
  • Transportation Management
  • Exam Management
  • SMS & Email Support
  • Hostel Management
  • Faculty & Staff Management
  • Finance & Accounting


We hope this list of best school administration software providers in India will help you in selecting the best software for your education business. However, it is recommended to analyze your specific requirements before buying a school administration software for your institute.

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